Romanced to Death

He stood in the rain, on one fine night
In the midst of a lonely route.
Together or alone-
He knew he had to fight.
For beyond any heartbreak
This was the real battle-
A battle doomed to lose.
And although the enemy was latent,
It was, now, stronger than ever
He knew it was over,
Yet, he believed in a forever.

She had been his, from start to the end
To this day,
When he was rendered helpless.
She had been together, more than
His own shadow.
She knew him inside,
Enough to say he was hollow.
She was with him,
In best and the worst-
Her soul was in his,
Till death did them part.
She could never speak,
Never smile, laugh, or cry
She just made him feel
Her presence all the time.

All the days and years together
And the hours spent in pain,
Had brought them closer,
And made him stronger
Yet frail.

But today she was stronger than ever,
And he, was fated to lose;
For the cancer wasn’t his lover-
She was fate’s game,
And he, a mere mortal soul.


The uncanny act of letting go 

Today as you opened your eyes to the teasing rays of the sun, or the sun rose to your teary eyes, maybe you promised yourself to be better than yesterday. To be heartily happy, and turn that fake smile of yours into real reverberating laughter. Maybe you willed yourself to be stronger, braver and promised to let go of the demons that destroy your beautiful soul.

Every thought, every bruise and every tear has a story. Every night spent sleepless, every day spent in a flash, has a story. But sad stories. Stories and moments that sum up to the ironical angels of your sufferings.

The pain that you give yourself, giving reason to so much around you, and no sense to your own self. You live so comfortably in this dead sea of your undead pain. The pain that seems so normal, and in so many ways, integral to your very existence now.

All those demons that break the wings of the angels within you, and never let them fly. Those demons that fade the stars and make the night darker than black. You should let it all go, inch by inch, one by one, piece by piece. But you’re scared, aren’t you? Scared of letting go. You ache yourself because just like everything else in your life, you’re scared to even let go of the pain-because the excruciating pain feels like a part of you. You’ve known it to be there for so long, it was there when all else was lost. Hasn’t it?

The thought of letting go is the deepest cut on the fragile human being that bleeds even before it hurts. And the art of it, is yet to be mastered. It is the strongest emotion that prevails, but the weakness that it threatens to lead you to, seems harsher.

You’re fearful, that this pain, too, like all others, will leave you one day. You will consciously or unconsciously let the pain seep out of your body- little by little every day, until there’s none left. It will pass. Even this time shall pass. And that day, you will be free. Well, atleast for a while.